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terms and conditions



All orders must be submitted in writing. A purchase order or a bon quote signed and dated by the purchaser, can be used.



Prices are Net or List and are all FOB point of origin. Point of origin will be designated on the written confirmation of the order. Prices do not include shipping charges, storage, local delivery, uncrating, installation, packing, crating charges, or sales tax. Quoted prices are valid for 30 days unless other arrangements are made in writing. Prices are subject to change without notice.




A 50% deposit is required for all orders, except for in-stock or fabric orders. For these orders payment in full is required. The balance is due in full upon completion, 7 days prior to estimated shipping date. Balances remaining unpaid after 30days from the date of invoice are considered delinquent and subject to a combined interest and service charge. Bounced checks are subject to $30.00 surcharge.




All orders are final upon written confirmation and supersede all prior oral or written statements. A 25% service charge will be incurred for any standard line item canceled after production begins and only with prior written approval from bon. Custom orders cannot be cancelled after production begins. All orders are subject to availability. Shipping dates on any quotation or acknowledgement are estimates only.


change in order


Changes in any order are subject to prior written approval by bon. Changes may increase cost and cause delay in shipping.


lead time


Lead times are from the following:  Receipt of 50% deposit.  Finish specification or approval of finish sample or drawings.




Shipments are released at FOB point of origin to the purchaser’s carrier in good condition. Title and all risk of damage or loss are transferred to the purchaser at that moment. bon will not assume any responsibility for loading, transit, or storage. Purchaser must provide the exact details of shipping arrangements on their written order. If no carrier is designated bon will use its best judgment in selecting a “best way” carrier on behalf of the purchaser, with no liability for such carrier.

All orders must be picked up within 30 days from invoicing. bon is unable to store any merchandise past the 30 days. If for any reason you are unable to receive or pick up your merchandise within this period of time, you will be charged 3% of the total value of the items being stored each month. Moreover, bon will not be responsible for ANY minor or major damage done to your items stored past the 30 days period.




No returns will be accepted without prior written authorization. Authorized returns must be shipped in accordance with shipping instructions provided by bon. Unauthorized returned merchandise will not be accepted and will be returned to the shipper freight collect. Any returned merchandise-requiring repair maybe subject to additional charges. bon is not responsible for freight charges for returned merchandise.


product design


bon reserves the rights to change, modify, or improve designs, specifications and details without prior written notice. All measurements, wood finishes, wood stains, and fabric colors, etc may have slight variations from bon showroom samples or displays. This inherently is part of custom materials and furniture manufacturing. Please be advised bon is not liable for these variances.




bon shall have no liability for any damage or injury resulting from any use of furnishings other than for their intended use, and in all events bon should be limited to the cost of the furnishing.


additional notes


bon is not liable for any delays or inability to deliver any merchandise ordered when such a delay or inability is due to labor disputes, war, riot, and other acts of God, or any other cause beyond our control.

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